Exhibition #97 – Metsään / Into the Forest

Sari Bremer, Heli Hiltunen, Pasi Karjula, Aimo Katajamäki, Ritva Kovalainen, Lotta Mattila, Jonas Lutz, Kim Simonsson

Exhibition #96 – Versot / Sprouts

Anew dawns nature
As the axis of the Earth
Turns to the sunlight
Every year within
The old, perished ones spring up
New existences

Exhibition #95 – Hymn

Matias Karsikas, Hanna-Kaisa Korolainen, Milla Vaahtera
The spring anthem, composed by three contemporary artists, is sung in their own distinct voices.

Exhibition #94 – Florist

Ville Aakula & Guests
All the people and experiences we encounter in life plant a seed in us; through acceptance they blossom and thus we all become florists.

Exhibition #93 – Renata Schirm (Jakowleff) / Monotone

Renata Schirm’s (Jakowleff) Monotone exhibition is a look at the gaps, the relationships and rhythms between pieces of a whole, their ability to reveal the essential despite the insignificance of the parts.

Exhibition #92 – Kompott

It’s that time of year. Reflect, preserve and savor. It’s time to make jam, to bottle the summer harvest in a precious compote.

Exhibition #91 – Antrei Hartikainen / Traces

The exhibition explores human-shaped landscape, climate and Nature from varying distances.

Exhibition #90 – Butterflies and Seeds

A compilation of an entire summer; the will of seedlings, cyclical growth, the wonders of nature, the faith hidden in a seed, quick bursts.

Exhibition #89 – BLOOM

Lokal’s biannual young artists’ exhibition

Exhibition #88 – Year of the Rabbit

The Year of the Rabbit exhibition by Aimo Katajamäki and Pan Jianfeng depicts change, optimism and new opportunities.

Exhibition #87 – Pause

A momentary stop, a pause, a light, silent breath.

Exhibition #86 – Matti Pikkujämsä / Variations

Matti Pikkujämsä’s solo exhibition reflects the secrets and charms of repetition.

Exhibition #85 – Jewel

The yuletide gem – eternal – brilliant – immeasurably valuable

Exhibition #84 – Linda Linko / Blush

Linda Linko’s Blush ensemble of paintings and drawings has followed her for many years, waiting for the right moment to be presented.

Exhibition #83 – Sinua sinua rakastan

The exhibition expresses affection and admiration towards everyday life, other beings, all of Creation and humanity.

Exhibition #82 – Hidden (Satellite)

The satellite of the Onoma co-operative’s summer exhibition Hidden approaches multisensory experiences through art, design and craftsmanship.

Exhibition #81 – Mökki

The cottage, or mökki, in Finnish, is a concept familiar to us all; a summer home, a dear place, a feeling of being. A home in the embrace of nature.

Exhibition #80 – Current

Water, as a current moving eternally forward, is the central theme of our 10 year anniversary exhibition.

Exhibition #79 – Thaw

To go from a frozen to a liquid state, to become free of the effect of cold as a result of exposure to warmth, to be warm enough to melt ice and snow, to abandon aloofness, reserve, or hostility, or to become mobile, active, or susceptible to change.

Exhibition #78 – Hearth

Our theme for this winter reflects heat, warmth, the home, sharing stories with our loved ones over a meal, and our primal human relationship with fire.

Exhibition #77 – Antrei Hartikainen: Fragile

Antrei Hartikainen’s exhibition Fragile is themed around the fragility of man and nature.

Exhibition #76 – Spark

Spark presents new local glass, as interpreted by the young and organic generation.

Exhibition #74 – Bloom #6

Bloom is Lokal’s biannual youth exhibition; an established platform for young blossoming creatives to present and sell their work in a curated group exhibition context.

Exhibition #73 – Spring Salon

Inka Bell, Renata Jakowleff, Linda Linko, Paula Pääkkönen, Jenni Rope & Sami Ruotsalainen

Exhibition #72 – Man-Maid-Nature

The artists challenge existing notions of language and form(s) (or formlessness) of both the ‘man-made’ and materials sourced from nature.

Exhibition #71 – Aimo Katajamäki: Ateljee Aimo

Artist, illustrator and graphic designer Aimo Katajamäki moves his world two blocks away from his studio, and into Lokal.

Exhibition #70 – Itkupaju

The Itkupaju exhibition intertwines Itkupaju, a large textile piece by Outi Martikainen, with a sea of candles, and other accompanying art pieces.

Exhibition #69 – Materia


We live in a time in which sensing, touching and analog experiences are limited.

Exhibition #68 – Miniatyr Keramik

Miniatyr Keramik is like a home built into the Lokal gallery space; filled with ceramic miniature sculptures and small ceramic items.

Exhibition #67 – Gathering


Isolation made us long for meaningful gatherings. What is it that brings us together?

Exhibition #66 – Sasha Huber: Tipping of the Iceberg

The white innocence of the polar spaces has always been treacherous.

Exhibition #65 – Tiina Koivusalo: Muoto Lögun

The works in the exhibition ‘Muoto – Lögun’ by Tiina Koivusalo are based upon forms from Iceland and the Finnish archipelago.

Exhibition #64 – Joulumanteli

Joulumanteli, i.e. Christmas almond, is a Christmas greeting in the form of an exhibition by Erja Hirvi and Pasi Kärkkäinen-Tunkelo.

Exhibition #63 – Auvinen / Wiherheimo


Furniture, objects, lighting – contemporary design collection.

Exhibition #62 – Coming Home III

Coming Home III brings to Helsinki the works exhibited in Copenhagen at CHART Design 2019. 

Exhibition #61 – TypoCraftHelsinki’19

The theme of this year’s TypoCraftHelsinki is “Kauno”, or “Joint Writing”.

Exhibition #60 – Helsinki Tones

What does the summertime in Helsinki sound like, and which are the colours that reflect from it’s rooftops at sunset?

Exhibition #59 – Aleksi Martikainen

“An Autumn Hike With Her” combines traditional graphics, photography and sculptures with movement and performativity.

Exhibition #58 – Coming Home II

Coming Home II presents works by the artists who are the heart of Lokal.

Exhibition #57 – Maa


According to Immanuel Kant, beauty is not the quality we see in a peace of art or in nature, but a state of mind.

Exhibition #56 – Kudos


Inka Kivalo, Heli Tuori-Luutonen & Riitta Turunen. Three friends founded an artist trio with an aim to organise a series of joint exhibitions.

Exhibition #55 – Coming Home I

After having made their first appearance at CHART Design 2018 in Copenhagen, these treasured pieces are finally coming back home to show their splendour in Helsinki.

Exhibition #54 – Mesi

MESI (Eng. Nectar) is a dialogue between the two young artists Matias Liimatainen and Sanna Lehto.

Exhibition #53 – Bloom #5

BLOOM is Lokal’s biannual youth exhibition, featuring the works of artists and designers under the age of 30.

Exhibition #52 – Blue Things

Jenni and Matti became friends when they were studying together in 1999. Blue Things is their first joint exhibition.

Exhibition #51 – Printemps

Designer duo Nathalie Lautenbacher and Naoto Niidome create out of unique artwork a miniature world in the Lokal Gallery.

Exhibition #50 – Sisterhood

Ananya and Aurea Tanttu (b. 1994 & -96) are real-life sisters raised in between continents and cultures. Their visual dialogue possesses an aesthetic which honours a forgotten romanticism.

Exhibition #49 – Mix & Match

Mix & Match combines emerging talent we’re excited about and established artists we already love.

Exhibition #48 – VIIVA

Viiva, The Line, is a group exhibition featuring seven artists, who all in the their own technique and chosen material explore ‘the line’.

Exhibition #47 – Satumetsä

Satumetsä (Enchanted Forest) is a playful and a little quirky interpretation of the traditional Finnish fairytales.

Exhibition #46 – TypoCraftHelsinki’17

The TypoCraftHelsinki journey started in 2015 with the TCH´15 exhibition in Helsinki.

Exhibition #45 – Hanni Koroma: Avata

Interior architect and awarded artist Hanni Koroma is celebrating her 20 year artist jubilee year.

Exhibition #44 – Äärillä

ÄÄRILLÄ is a result of a year-long process of Mari Isopahkala and Sami Ruotsalainen designing together and as individuals, showcased together with Reeta Ek’s art prints.

Exhibition #43 – Anna & Sandra

Sisters Anna and Sandra Kantanen are exhibiting together for the first time, bringing together Anna’s everyday objects transformed into luxurious moments, with Sandra’s photographic series ”Distortions”.

Exhibition #42 – Klaus Haapaniemi: Black Lake

A remote cottage in Nordic Iceland overlooking a dark, steaming pond with strange foliage and mysterious lava stones.

Exhibition #40 – Oi Suomi, katso

Taiteilijat O ry:n 10-vuotisnäyttely Oi Suomi, katso kommunikoi taideteollisen taiteen ammattilaisten viestin Suomelle. Eri medioin ja materiaalein puhalletaan yhteiseen kipinään keskellä pimeää kaamosaikaa.

Exhibition #39 – Yhes

Yhes, Together, is a group exhibition in which we celebrate togetherness in the theme of an abundant festive setting.

Exhibition #38 – Taittuvan valon valtakunta

15.10 – 13.11.2016

Ville Tanttu – Taittuvan valon valtakunta

Exhibition #37 – BLOOM


Lokal’s annual youth exhibition, featuring artists and designers under the age of 30.

Exhibition #36 – Growth

10.6 – 21.8.2016

Lokal gives a taste of the theme ‘growth’, by hosting selected artists from the main ONOMA exhibition (curated by Katja Hagelstam) in Fiskars.

Exhibition #41 – The House of Play and Rain

The first in a series of three exhibitions, as part of Hanna-Kaisa Korolainen’s doctoral studies at Aalto university.