Exhibition Archive

Exhibition #97 – Metsään / Into the Forest

Sari Bremer, Heli Hiltunen, Pasi Karjula, Aimo Katajamäki, Ritva Kovalainen, Lotta Mattila, Jonas Lutz, Kim Simonsson

Exhibition #96 – Versot / Sprouts

Anew dawns nature
As the axis of the Earth
Turns to the sunlight
Every year within
The old, perished ones spring up
New existences

Exhibition #95 – Hymn

Matias Karsikas, Hanna-Kaisa Korolainen, Milla Vaahtera
The spring anthem, composed by three contemporary artists, is sung in their own distinct voices.

Exhibition #94 – Florist

Ville Aakula & Guests
All the people and experiences we encounter in life plant a seed in us; through acceptance they blossom and thus we all become florists.

Exhibition #93 – Renata Schirm (Jakowleff) / Monotone

Renata Schirm’s (Jakowleff) Monotone exhibition is a look at the gaps, the relationships and rhythms between pieces of a whole, their ability to reveal the essential despite the insignificance of the parts.

Exhibition #92 – Kompott

It’s that time of year. Reflect, preserve and savor. It’s time to make jam, to bottle the summer harvest in a precious compote.

Exhibition #91 – Antrei Hartikainen / Traces

The exhibition explores human-shaped landscape, climate and Nature from varying distances.

Exhibition #90 – Butterflies and Seeds

A compilation of an entire summer; the will of seedlings, cyclical growth, the wonders of nature, the faith hidden in a seed, quick bursts.

Events & International Exhibitions

Institut finlandais: Ensemble

The new selection, Ensemble!, curated in the spirit of sharing, invites us to take the time to gather and spend time together; Collaboration between Institut finlandais and Katja Hagelstam of Lokal Gallery.


Lokal’s ensemble, as part of the Yhdessä / Together exhibition, consists of some of the best pieces by very skilled makers, offering unique works and design editions from local contemporary artists and designers.

HDW Collectors’ Market 2023

Lokal is participating in this year’s HDW Design Market novelty, which is the Collectors’ Market with a focus on unique items and limited editions. We welcome you to make special finds amongst some almost-forgotten gems with a quirk or two, straight from the artists’ studios.

Stockholm Creative Edition

Stockholm Creative Edition is an independent design week where Stockholm forms a fund for a new type of design festival where we showcase the best in Nordic design, furniture, lighting, art, and crafts.

Bloom 2023 / Open Call

We are delighted to be having our seventh Bloom exhibition, Lokal’s biannual young artists’ exhibition. Bloom has become an established platform for young blossoming creatives to present their works in a curated group exhibition context.

Factory 2: Renata Schirm / Myriad

The works Renata presents in her first solo exhibition in Korea are based on the composing techniques she has used in recent years, with which she has found ways to create objects that focus purely on the material and its essence: its texture, its colour, and its relation to light.

Institut Finlandais: Listening to the Forest that Grows (Season II)

The group exhibition Listen to the Forest that Grows, the most recent collaboration between Institut finlandais and Katja Hagelstam of Lokal Gallery, presents a selection of artworks, craftsmanship, and design.

Helsinki Design Week 2022

The Hidden satellite exhibition is part of the Helsinki Design Week program, and Lokal is also participating with additional workshops this year. Helsinki Design Week, the largest design festival in the Nordic countries, takes place 1st–11th September 2022.