Exhibition #70 – Itkupaju

18.11.2020 – 23.1.2021

The Itkupaju (Weeping Willow) exhibition intertwines Itkupaju, a large textile piece by Outi Martikainen (covering the whole wall of the high gallery space) with a sea of candles, and other accompanying art pieces by Sasha HuberHanna-Kaisa Korolainen, Pasi Kärkkäinen-Tunkelo, Nathalie Lautenbacher, Katriina Nuutinen & Antrei HartikainenKristina Riska and Kim Simonsson.

Itkupaju welcomes you to feel a calm and quietness, intending to be a sacred room for finding a moment of peace and clarity during the darkest days of the year.

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Exhibition #69 – Materia


We live in a time in which sensing, touching and analog experiences are limited.

Exhibition #68 – Miniatyr Keramik

20.8. – 31.10.2020

Miniatyr Keramik is like a home built into the Lokal gallery space; filled with ceramic miniature sculptures and small ceramic items.

Exhibition #67 – Gathering


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Exhibition #66 – Sasha Huber


The white innocence of the polar spaces has always been treacherous.

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