Exhibition #91 – Antrei Hartikainen / Traces


Exhibition #91

Antrei Hartikainen: TRACES


part of the Helsinki Design Week 2023 program

The exhibition explores human-shaped landscape, climate and Nature from varying distances. Details, scale, shapes and texture change depending on the perspective, and the changes of the seasons and the ratio of light and shadow have a significant effect on the perception of an environment.

The different forms of growth are strongly present, emphasising especially the importance of soil and growth conditions. Traces of deviations and changes remain in both people and the environment, following as a remnant of the past or permanently changing the future.

The form, traces of machining, and surface treatments of the exhibited works reflect the renewability and durability of nature, as well as its simultaneous fragility and uniqueness.

The exhibition features a self-playing acoustic sound piece created by Lauri Porra for Traces.

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