Exhibition #93 – Renata Schirm / Monotone



Renata Schirm | Monotone


Shades are born in the in-betweens. The small amounts to large, but the large is more than just a sum of its parts. The sum includes the ratio of the parts, as well as the share of repetition and the repetition’s own narrative. Renata Schirm’s Monotone exhibition is a look at the gaps, the relationships and rhythms between pieces of a whole, their ability to reveal the essential despite the insignificance of the parts. The exhibition consists of both glass works and drawings.


Renata Schirm is a Finnish glass artist known for her experimental, pioneering techniques and her ability to constantly challenge her process. Schirm sees glass as a material with a unique relationship to light, with infinite visual and design possibilities Renata Schirm’s work has been shown internationally in galleries and museums, and Schirm’s works are included in both public and private art collections.

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