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Jaea Chang

Jaea Chang is a Helsinki-based artist from South Korea, focusing on contemporary ceramics.

Elli Hukka

Elli Hukka is a Helsinki-based jewellery designer with strong roots in the forests and lakes of Eastern-Finland.

Maija Puoskari

Maija Puoskari works with lighting, interior design and tableware projects in her own studio in Kallio, Helsinki.

Pan Jianfeng

Pan Jianfeng (b. 1973) is a conceptual artist working predominately with paper and ink.

Anna Niskanen

Anna Niskanen’s works are prints of graphics based on photography, in which she deals with remembering nature, landscape and place.

Milla Vaahtera

Milla Vaahtera is a designer and artist who is most known for her unique pieces combining bold glass parts with delicate brass

Virpi Vihervuori

Virpi Vihervuori (b.1972) is a visual artist and graphic designer who, in addition to forest trails, walks in the multidimensional zones of both art and design.

Henna Nuutinen

Henna Nuutinen (b. 1990) is a sculptor working on large ceramic sculptures dealing with themes of fragility and cohesion.

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