Exhibition #57 – Maa

Katy Hertell & Jari Huhta


According to Immanuel Kant, beauty is not the quality we see in a peace of art or in nature, but a state of mind.

Katy Hertell’s and Jari Huhta’s exhibition MAA makes us reflect about how we perceive beauty, the spontaneous experience we can have both in art and nature.
Katy Hertell is inspired in her ceramic works by the innocence and beauty she experiences in small children and in nature. The aesthetics in Jari Huhta’s oil paintings touches on our perception of classic beauty. The ‘maa’ that unites the artists in this exhibition is the intimate contact with nature, with the art works and with ourselves. MAA is a place that does not exist, but comes alive through the experience.

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Exhibition #95 – Hymn

Matias Karsikas, Hanna-Kaisa Korolainen, Milla Vaahtera
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Exhibition #94 – Florist

Ville Aakula & Guests
All the people and experiences we encounter in life plant a seed in us; through acceptance they blossom and thus we all become florists.

Exhibition #93 – Renata Schirm (Jakowleff) / Monotone

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Exhibition #92 – Kompott

It’s that time of year. Reflect, preserve and savor. It’s time to make jam, to bottle the summer harvest in a precious compote.