Exhibition #84 – Linda Linko / Blush


Linda Linko: BLUSH
Lokal Gallery


Linda Linko’s Blush ensemble of paintings and drawings has followed her for many years, waiting for the right moment to be presented. She wanted the series to be formed with a free rein, on its own terms. After the birth of her son, she started painting again; carefully, in small, with watercolours – and of him, of course. She describes that the faces soon turned into self-portraits, and thus, over time, into one or another. In looking for the size and technique, Linko did not want to become too fixated on one thing. To her, it is not who the piece portrays that is relevant, but rather, how it’s portrayed – the level from which we look at each other.


“Showing empathy and sensitivity without stepping into a trap is difficult, and maybe that’s why it’s so interesting. The characters in my works do not owe me anything, and in that same vein, I also do no own them. Every piece has its own identity, and I am just a middleman; an interpreter, a giver of form. As a viewer you get to choose who the works represent: me, someone else, family, a stranger, lover, an idol perhaps. Lay your gaze on them and they’ll gaze back at you.”
– Linda Linko

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