Exhibition #44 – Äärillä


The ÄÄRILLÄ exhibition is a result of a year-long process of Mari Isopahkala and Sami Ruotsalainen designing together and as individuals. This design process has resulted in unique ceramic and glass pieces, which will be showcased in Lokal together with Reeta Ek’s art prints.

The dialogue between Sami and Mari became a dialogue between designers, designs and materials. The objects are created respecting the nature of the materials and testing boundaries of both the designs and the objects. A piece is often a combination of a design by Mari and a design by Sami. Reeta Ek has created an art print to continue the dialogue between materials, adding a two-dimensional aspect into the three-dimensional world.

Mari and Sami are designers from Helsinki, and both have MA degrees from the Aalto University of Art and Design. Reeta Ek is a textile and surface designer, also recently graduated with a MA from the Aalto University.

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