Exhibition #97 – Metsään / Into the Forest



Summer Exhibition, Lokal Gallery

Sari Bremer
Heli Hiltunen
Pasi Karjula
Aimo Katajamäki
Ritva Kovalainen
Lotta Mattila
Jonas Lutz
Kim Simonsson

A long time ago, the world was dense with forests. People respected and lived in a reciprocal relationship with nature. The forest was not a warehouse to be exploited, but a living multifaceted entity, of which we are a part. In our native language, too, we do not go to gather berries, but rather, go into berry; inside the berry, part of the whole. The diversity of forests is the lifeline of all of us.

However, for us people of the forest, the forest is not just a habitat, it is folklore about a living and interactive world, where every tree, plant, animal, stone and cloud speaks, if only one slows down to listen. The forest overflows with rich life and different sensory worlds. Understanding the value of a diverse forest is indeed a large part of our cultural heritage. Forests, their growth and their trees are associated with a huge amount of knowledge and stories from more than one just generation, telling us about who we are, where our roots are.

The Metsä exhibition is Lokal’s comment on the value of respecting forests. We hope that through the exhibition you will discover the forest’s heritage in yourself, enjoying its magical powers.

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