Exhibition #90 – Butterflies and Seeds


Exhibition #90

Butterflies and Seeds


The exhibition Butterflies and Seeds is a compilation of an entire summer; the will of seedlings, cyclical growth, the wonders of nature, the faith hidden in a seed, quick bursts. From the small becoming big, the buzz, the fleeting flashes, the potential incubating under the husk, the butterflies that are born ready.

The exhibition features ten artists, all using different materials and media: Heini Hölttä, Anna Karhu-Cormier, Pasi Karjula, Hanni Koroma, Henna Nuutinen, Matti Pikkujämsä, Kati Ruohomäki, Armi Teva, Niina Villanueva and Sini Villi. The exhibition fills Lokal’s gallery with its abundance until the warm August evenings, but just like nature, it also lives, grows and changes a little throughout its existence.

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