Exhibition #60 – Helsinki Tones

13.6. – 18.8. 2019

What does the summertime in Helsinki sound like, and which are the colours that reflect from it’s rooftops at sunset? How does it feel to see the endless open sea in the shore of Kaivopuisto? Which Helsinki moments are forever left in our memories?

Helsinki Tones, the summer exhibition of Lokal, is all about love, joy and longing for the mood, tones and colours of Helsinki. We invited artists above to interpret the atmospheres of Helsinki and to redesign the shapes of the city we know so well.


Reeta Ek

For this exhibition, I was first inspired by the new technique I found, monotype. The beautiful soft tones of grey and flower motifs reminded me of the old Helsinki. Not the time I have lived, but what I’ve seen in the old black and white SF-films. Works are named by the old parks in Helsinki. The ceramic pieces are made in co-operation with Salla Luhtasela.


Katja Hagelstam

I love Helsinki, and I have photographed it a lot in all seasons and at all hours. The exhibited piece is of the Helsinki Cathdral pillars in the light of an autumnal dusk.


Saija Halko

The Lokki beaker takes influence from Helsinki’s summer and it’s archipelago. The blue tones of the sea and sky, as well as the green hues of seaweed and moss make up it’s colouring.


Hanna-Kaisa Korolainen

The glass series Saaristo64 was named after two of it’s inspirations; the colour palette of Helsinki’s jugend style (art nouveau) buildings and Andy Warhol. There is a building in Siltasaari named Saaristo, which was designed in 1909 and inhabited in 1910.


Ilkka Kärkkäinen

The two meanings of the word tone are depicted in my work – the photographs interpret Helsinki’s colour tones, which have been accompanied by grapich soundscapes using old-fashioned letterpress print.


Juha-Pekka Laakio

Helsinki is the sea’s city.
The protagonist is the water.
A slow movement repeats itself in the images.
The wind’s trace on the water surface, in the branches of the trees.
A glimpse of light and the wilting of a plant.
The grey clouds of winter.


Matti Pikkujämsä

My works are small icons and love expressions for Helsinki. The city has many beautiful buildings and details that are often overlooked. I have implemented a plywood wall relief by burning, as well as painting.


Nathalie Lautenbacher

The melting point is a crucial moment in the ceramic process. It is when the glaze, at a high temperature, turns into a liquid mass. Lautenbacher’s display consists of a wall piece consisting of ceramic tiles, as well as an object arrangement which glows in shades of strawberry ice cream.


Exhibiton design by Hanni Koroma.

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