Ville Tanttu

Ville Tanttu is a film director, visual artist and cinematographer. He works for drama, documentary films, music and photography.

“In this series of photographs, I’m looking for means to manifest images that are born within me; an expression of an inner observation. The vision and the idea are visualised through photography. I often sketch these pictures first with pencil on paper, so in that sense this process and these photographs are also close to painting.”

The renaissance and the paintings of the late 1800’s and early 1900’s have been an inspiration in the visual style of this project. All the images have been taken through old copper plates, using the copper plate as a mirror (the images have not been constructed digitally)

He is currently directing a documentary ‘Nightingales in Berlin’, which follows David Rothenberg’s quest as a musician and a philosopher to meet and communicate with birds through music. Another ongoing project is a drama series “Längtan – Longing”, which Ville is writing and directing. 

Ville Tanttu has been working in the field of visual arts also with video installations / video art. His work ‘Forest talk’ has been exhibited in numerous art museums in Finland and abroad.