Hanni Koroma

Hanni Koroma ( *1964) is a Finnish interior architect and furniture designer. Koroma has designed over a hundred private homes and public spaces both in Finland and abroad. In her work Koroma combines functionality and aesthetics into timeless entities where her philosophic values in sustainable and playful design meet. In her furniture designs Koroma captures the essence of functional design whilst remaining true to her artistic values.

Hanni Koroma says that space is like a poem that evolves constantly. She emphasises that her designs are always a part of a larger entity, and in dialogue with the culture and time.

In 2017 Interior architect and awarded artist Hanni Koroma is celebrating her 20 year artist jubilee year. To honour this Hanni Koroma has designed the AVATA cabinet. The cabinet is a playful combination of functionality and mysterious doors and lockers.

“It is time to yet again open new doors, as well as eyes and thoughts”.