Lokal Kollektion

A Handmade Selection of Future Classics

The Lokal Kollektion homeware products are designed collaboratively with some of our favourite makers, most of which are also locally made in their own studios. These objects are a family of items you’ll keep for a lifetime, want to gift to people, wish to pass on to the next generation. The material choices are all-natural, many of which will over time develop a natural patina – which is something we love. The curated collection grows slowly, organically, over time. Here is an impression of what the Lokal Kollektion is today;

Makers & Designers of Lokal Kollektion:

Johanna Gullichsen
Saija Halko
Kari Hannola
Antrei Hartikainen
Erja Hirvi
Hanni Koroma
Veera Kulju
Linda Laitinen
Nathalie Lautenbacher
Rasmus Palmgren
Renata Schirm (Jakowleff)
Amos Tanttu
Julia Töyrylä
Iina Vuorivirta
Yoshimasa Yamada

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