ILO Tea Towel | Veera Kulju

Medium100% linen
Size49 cm x 70 cm

The both chic and practical Ilo tea towel is designed by Veera Kulju and viewed by Lapuan Kankurit in Lapua, Finland. Its uses are many and versatile, and the linen softens gorgeously with usage. The subtle nuances of its beautiful colours resonate in almost any home, echoing the spirit of Veera Kulju’s textile artwork. Veera has designed Ilo exclusively for Lokal Kollektion.


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Korpi, Niitty, Unikko


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Veera Kulju is a remarkable textile and ceramics artist, who has lent her vision and understanding to us in the form of designs made and produced exclusively for Lokal. The items she has designed are sure to become classics and staples in many homes for generations to come.

“I consider the purpose and ease of use. The beauty of the shape and the feel of the object. How the scale and surface feel in relation to the body, as well as a space. How an object is stored. I also consider the cost of manufacturing an object, and its effects on decisions which also affect the design. I think the object which is made for use should be functional and modest; quiet. Technologies often impose restrictions, and so one has to adapt one’s own ideas to the possibilities. To find your own expression, with some manoeuvring, within those boundaries and conditions.”

Veera Kulju