KUPLA Glass | Julia Töyrylä

SizeWide = 3 dl, Ø 9,5 cm, height 7 cm, Tall = 2,5 dl, Ø 6 cm, height 13,5 cm

These elegant Kupla drinking glasses by Julia Töyrylä are each handmade in Nuutajajärvi, Finland, handblown and delicately thin. They come in two different shapes; Wide and Tall, both a perfectly generous in size, and are lovely for a variety of cool refreshments. You can also use these for warmer drinks like coffee or green tea, as long as the beverage isn’t too close to a boiling point. You’ll want to use these as both your everyday drinking glasses as well as in festive table settings. Dishwasher safe. Do not use for hot beverages above 70-80 °C

The Kupla glass is exclusively made for Lokal Kollektion.


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Tall, Wide



Material 3


Julia Töyrylä is a designer, glassblower and soon to be interior architect who studied Industrial Design at Lahti Institute of Design. During her studies, her new-found fascination with glass led her to take a two-year glass-blowing course at Nuutajärvi Glass Village, Finland. She sees hands-on work as a key part of design and finds new ideas through playful experimentation. These ideas are often revelations about everyday life, which helps her create thoughtfully designed functional items. Töyrylä sees spatial design as a natural extension to her design and artisan skills, which is why she is currently studying to be an interior architect at Aalto University. Working with her hands helps Töyrylä maintain a personal relationship with her designs, creating a deeper relationship with items and spaces.

"The value of a space or a product comes from its background and story. It is these factors that make them cherished and used by generations."

Julia Töyrylä