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  • Lokal Creators / Fanny Tavastila

    Fanny Tavastila is a painter who lives and works in Helsinki. We visited her studio at the Cable Factory one dark November afternoon to get a closer look at her works, which posess an innate and lyrical sense of colour, rhythm, texture and composition.

  • Lokal Creators / Hanni Koroma

    Hanni Koroma is an award-winning Finnish interior architect and furniture designer. In her work, Koroma combines functionality and aesthetics into timeless entities where her philosophic values in sustainable and playful design meet. Koroma says that space is like a poem that evolves constantly. Her new Lohkoja cabinets are centrepieces of our summer exhibition Butterflies & Seeds. 

  • Lokal Creators / Minna Arponen

    Minna Arponen is a jewellery designer and maker from Helsinki. Recently, she’s been fascinated by the tiny glass beads that she used to play with in her childhood. We visited her studio where most of her pieces take form, if not in her lap on tram rides through the city.

  • Lokal Creators / Pan Jianfeng

    Pan Jianfeng is a conceptual artist working predominately with paper and ink. His background and techniques are rooted in tradition, but his works are strong and contemporary. We visited his home studio one early spring afternoon to learn more about his works in our Year of the Rabbit exhibition.

  • Lokal Creators / Aimo Katajamäki

    Aimo Katajamäki is an artist, illustrator, and graphic designer. His superhero wood sculptures depict human nature in a subtle and delicate way. We visited his studio just a few blocks from Lokal as he was carving his new pieces for the Year of the Rabbit exhibition.

  • Lokal Creators / Milla Vaahtera

    Milla Vaahtera is a designer and artist best known for her unique pieces combining bold glass parts with delicate brass.On a winter’s day earlier this year we visited her studio in an old elementary school building in Helsinki, where she assembles her pieces.

  • Lokal Creators / Katy Hertell

    Katy Hertell is a sculptor living in Helsinki. She draws inspiration from Eastern and Greek mythology, from the animal world, from children and from Nature, in creating hand-built sculptures. These photos accompanied by a short interview are from a recent visit to her at her studio at the Cable Factory in Helsinki.

  • Lokal Creators / Rasmus Palmgren

    Rasmus Palmgren is a designer who seeks new perspectives for everyday objects, always on the lookout for clever, innovative and simple solutions and a fine balance between material, aesthetics, usability and production. Over the years we have had the joy to exhibit his unique, sculptural furniture pieces.

  • Lokal Creators / Matti Pikkujämsä

    Matti Pikkujämsä is an esteemed freelance illustrator and artist since, working in the interface of art and illustration. We visited his make-shift studio in his Helsinki apartment just before we started setting up his solo exhibition Variations.

  • Lokal Creators / Outi Martikainen

    Outi Martikainen is a classically trained textile artist. Her works are influenced by craftworks and the practice of observation, which is so central to art. Martikainen often finds her materials in everyday life and gives them a new purpose.

  • Lokal Creators / Sasha Huber

    Sasha Huber is a visual artist of Swiss-Haitian heritage. Huber’s work is primarily concerned with history’s influence on the present and focuses mainly on the ramifications of colonialism. We visited her studio as she was working on her new pieces for our Jewel exhibition, as well as her Tailoring Freedom series.

  • Lokal Creators / Linda Linko

    Linda Linko is a Helsinki-based visual artist, who creates images that are linked to momentary experience. We visited her studio just as she had emptied it out to fill the Lokal Gallery space for her solo exhibition Blush.

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