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  • Exhibition #95 – Hymn

    Matias Karsikas, Hanna-Kaisa Korolainen, Milla Vaahtera
    The spring anthem, composed by three contemporary artists, is sung in their own distinct voices.

  • Laura Gröndahl

    Laura Gröndahl is a designer and artist living in Tuusula, and has worked versatilely in painting, design and public art.

  • Ville Aakula

    Ville Aakula is a carpenter and designer from Turku. Most of the time he does commissioned work for customers, but he also designs and produces unique pieces and small-scale series for sale.

  • Eva Lamppu

    Eva Lamppu is a painter and fine artist working with water and oil colour and, occasionally, textiles techniques such as embroidery.

  • Heli Juuti

    Heli Juuti is an artist and designer from Helsinki, whose sculptures consist of various found and received wood materials, such as oak logs, juniper trunk pieces and clippings.

  • Benjamin Murphy

    Benjamin Muprhy’s current work explores themes of polarity, time, memory, and contrast – often rendered in charcoal on raw canvas.

  • Raisa Raekallio

    Raisa Raekallio’s (b.1978) aquarelle figures are created in a small cottage in the artist’s home in Kittilä, in the village of Sirkka.

  • Ville Auvinen

    Ville Auvinen is a Helsinki-based designer and maker moving effortlessly between sculptural expression and serial production.

  • Exhibition #94 – Florist

    Ville Aakula & Guests
    All the people and experiences we encounter in life plant a seed in us; through acceptance they blossom and thus we all become florists.

  • Eri Shimatsuka

    Eri Shimatsuka is Helsinki-based Japanese textile designer, writer and illustrator.

  • Maisa Majakka

    Maisa Majakka is a Helsinki-based visual artist and sculptor. Majakka is inspired by mundane experiences of freedom, the frantically transformative nature of life, emotional ambivalence and the female point-of-view.

  • Marika Maijala

    Marika Maijala works as a freelance artist in Taiteilijatalo on Harakka Island and studies art painting at the Vapaa Taidekoulu.

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