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  • Sari Bremer

    Sari Bremer is a Helsinki-based graphic artist whose work maintains the tradition of metal etching, enabling a wide and at the same time completely unique pictorial expression.

  • Jonas Lutz

    Finnish-born designer Jonas Lutz creates objects of bold simplicity and elegant solutions, often with a tacit playfulness.

  • Johanna Lumme

    Johanna Lumme is a visual artist and illustrator, who focuses on depicting the sensitive nature of the north and the experientiality of the relationship with nature.

  • Timo Andersson

    Timo Andersson is a visual artist living and working in Espoo, who currently focuses especially on painting and its instrumental possibilities.

  • Maija Luutonen

    Maija Luutonen works mainly by painting on paper, creating spatial entities from her works.

  • Niklas Sandberg

    Niklas Sandberg is a visual artist who looks at things through an empathetic, humorous and sometimes melancholic lens.

  • Rita Vargas

    Rita Vargas is a multidisciplinary artist based in Helsinki, Finland.

  • Frans Nybacka

    Frans Nybacka is a visual artist residing in Helsinki. His ever evolving paintings and drawings portray an undertone of magical nature and suggest an emotional presence in all things.

  • Liina Aalto-Setälä

    Liina Aalto-Setälä is a multidisciplinary visual artist based in Helsinki.

  • Taru Happonen

    Taru Happonen is a Helsinki-based visual artist working with paintings, sculptures, and drawings.

  • Leena Katriina Ehrling

    Leena Katriina Ehrling works mainly with painting and drawing, but she is also drawn to three-dimensional works; form and space have always interested her.

  • Anna-Stiina Korhonen

    Anna-Stiina Korhonen is a painter living and working in Helsinki. Korhonen deals with autobiographical themes in her works, such as the concept of taste.