Under the Boughs Hoop Earrings, Small / Päivi Keski-Pomppu

These earrings are the smaller version of Keski-Pomppu’s loved UNDER THE BOUGHS Hoops. The shape of these earrings resembles the natural and organic forms found on tree roots and boughs. Perfect for both everyday as well as festive use.

Jeweller: Päivi Keski-Pomppu
Material: Sterling silver 925
Size: Outer diameter 14 mm, inner diameter 10 mm
Additional Notes: Silver gets darker due to oxidation over time, but it’s easy to clean with liquids meant for silver cleaning. You can also get your precious jewellery to shine again by using a polishing cloth. Silver jewellery stays brighter if it’s used frequently.
Handmade in Helsinki, Finland



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Handcrafted Jewellery

Material 3



Päivi Keski-Pomppu

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