Royal Jelly Bracelet | Minna Arponen

MediumBead crocheting; glass beads and polyester thread
SizeOne bracelet is made of two separate pieces. Material stretches a bit, diameter approx. 7-9 cm

Additional notes: The bracelet can be cleaned by delicately wiping.


View the pieceThe work can be viewed at Lokal gallery, Annankatu 9, 00120 Helsinki. Please contact us at +358 41 314 1794 or to ensure the piece is at Annankatu when you plan to visit. Welcome to view the piece!

Additional information


Grass green, Orange, Red, Yellow



Material 3



Minna Arponen is a jewellery designer and maker from Helsinki. Her most common source of inspiration is the everyday life and the objects around it, approaching materials with a playful mindset, trying to capture their natural way of being. Recently, she’s been fascinated by the tiny glass beads that she used to play with in her childhood.

"My long background as a craftsman can be seen in my work even today. The manufacturing steps that require precision and perseverance, for example in my pieces made of glass beads, are a rewarding and enjoyable way of working for me. It’s important to me to make my jewellery from start to finish myself, and precisely with handcraft methods. Many work steps that seem monotonous and require long-term repetition work for me like meditation. One by one, I tied the glass beads in place with a crochet hook, so that the whole row of beads represents my breath and the time I have been able to spend working on the piece."

Minna Arponen