Teemu Salonen | Chinese Restaurant 21

MediumCeramics, pencil spray paints, LED
Size50 x 31 x 13 cm




ShippingPick up at the gallery. To ship the piece, please contact info@lokalhelsinki.com for a shipping quote.
View the pieceThe work can be viewed at Lokal gallery, Annankatu 9, 00120 Helsinki. Please contact us at +358 41 314 1794 or info@lokalhelsinki.com to ensure the piece is at Annankatu when you plan to visit. Welcome to view the piece!

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Material 2



Size 2

M (Ø 30 – 70cm)



Teemu Salonen is a Finnish sculptor and designer who is known for combining versatile materials and techniques in his artistic work. In his works, ceramics, fiberglass, 3D printing, blown glass, pen spray paintings and LED lights meet, creating unique entities. Salonen strives to bring even more sculpture into his works, while maintaining design as a central part of his artistic expression. He is also known for his representation in the New York-based Todd Merril Studios gallery and for curating numerous exhibitions. Salonen’s artistic work draws inspiration from kraus, decorations, handicrafts, memes and many different contrasts, thus creating original and versatile works.

“When I start to realize a sculpture, I have both an accurate and inaccurate picture of what kind of work will be created in the end. The extreme points of the forms of the work usually remain as I have thought in my first sketches, but otherwise the forms, materials and colours come to life as the work is built. Even though I do everything with my own hands regarding my own decisions, at the same time I’m still in a way just riding and watching what happens, and I trust that the next steps and technical solutions will arise naturally. Almost always, the work in progress provides inspiration for the following works, i.e. making is in a way a self-sufficient perpetual motion machine.”

Teemu Salonen