Rasmus Palmgren / Pebble bench


Year: 2022
Medium / materials: Piled massive wood (German spruce)
Size: 180 x 44 x 60cm

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Rasmus Palmgren is a designer who seeks new perspectives for everyday objects, always on the lookout for clever, innovative and simple solutions and a fine balance between material, aesthetics, usability and production. Through this work, he aims to create relevant, honest and timeless designs that are truly meaningful yet easy to understand.

"My background in both craftsmanship and design has developed my main guidelines in how I work. As I mainly work with furniture and products, I am curious in how things are made and try to find a thought-out balance between material, aesthetics and production. I always choose materials that are environmentally responsible, and the properties of the material and its possibilities should be part of the design. I believe that if the core idea of the product is meaningful and in balance with the aspects above, then the design will be more sustainable and relatable.”

Rasmus Palmgren