Pan Jianfeng | Midsummer – Awakening III

MediumInk behind the Xuan paper, framed
SizeWith frame 37,5 x 48,5 cm




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Material 2



Size 2

M (Ø 30 – 70cm)


Abstract, Figurative

Pan Jianfeng (b. 1973) is a conceptual artist working predominately with paper and ink. His background and techniques are rooted in tradition, but his works are strong and contemporary. He exiled himself to a medieval Finnish town, Porvoo, after 17 years working as a graphic artist in Shanghai, and committed to rediscovering himself as “son of calligrapher”. Having devoted himself to brush practice, he seeks ways to develop new social mediums to enable spiritual growth and facilitate future human communication beyond languages and cultures. His work have won multiple prestigious awards and have been exhibited in major museums in East Asia, Finland and other countries.

"Our artistic training started from my earlier childhood calligraphy practicing. So we grew up in this kind of image bank, which… actually it’s characters. So every Chinese character, can be seen as an image, or picture. There are lots of symbolic meanings behind our different images in this world, from our standing. Every element is this world carries a certain kind of message, and this message can be illustrated as a character. And the character is an image so image is a universal language. That is why I guess I can survive in the West.

If I have a life mission, it is to destroy this square of the character. So I want to destroy the structure of this language and try to bring this writing, the calligraphical technique, to a visual world, to the contemporary art field, for example.”

Pan Jianfeng