OVAALI Shaker Tray / Bo-Åke Ljungars


Ovaali is an alder tray handmade in Finland, using a traditional technique of stitching thin bent wood together with spruce roots. The trays are perfect serving, storing and stationery. The bigger sizes are great as bread baskets, for example. The tray comes in four sizes and are stackable within each other.

Materials: Alder

XS — 27 cm 18 cm x 5,5cm
Small — 29 cm x 19 cm x 5,5 cm
Medium — 32 cm x 22 cm x 5,5 cm
Large — 35 cm x 25 cm x 5,5 cm

Additional Notes: The wood has a gentle oil treatment, which can initially have quite a distinct scent. However, it is natural and will fade with time.
The tray can be washed with warm water and a gentle soap.

Handmade in Malax, Finland

42,00 62,00 

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L, M, S, XS



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