Katy Hertell / Luonnonsuojelija 5

Year: 2022
Medium / materials: Hand-build ceramic sculpture
Size: h25 x 25cm (depth inside 16cm)


Europe: The price of the artwork includes shipping within Europe
Rest of the world: please contact

This piece is currently exhibited in the Institute Finlandais in Paris and will be available for shipping in August 2022.

Katy Hertell is a sculptor living in Helsinki. She has worked with primarily ceramics, stoneware and earthenware, since the early 90’s. She draws inspiration from Eastern and Greek mythology, from the animal world, from children and from Nature, in creating hand-built sculptures.

“Having tried other materials like stone, wood and concrete, I ended up working with clay, which I feel is a living material. I am fascinated by the possibilities that clay offers, and the unpredictability of the material. When starting something new, I seldom have a clear picture of what it is I want to create. I trust that the clay knows. After the firing, the ready piece is at first glance a surprise, to which one has to get used to – and either accept or reject.”

Katy Hertell