Hanni Koroma | PAPUJA Cabinet

MediumAsh veneer, ash
Size120 x 120 x 20 cm

Carpenter: Jaakko Peltonen




ShippingPick up at the gallery. To ship the piece, please contact info@lokalhelsinki.com for a shipping quote.
View the pieceThe work is located at Lokal gallery, Annankatu 9, 00120 Helsinki. Welcome to view the piece!

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Hanni Koroma is an award-winning Finnish interior architect and furniture designer. Koroma has designed over a hundred private homes and public spaces both in Finland and abroad. In her work, Koroma combines functionality and aesthetics into timeless entities where her philosophic values in sustainable and playful design meet. Her furniture designs capture the essence of functional design whilst remaining true to Koroma’s artistic values.

“I get inspired to contemplate when I come across solutions that I don’t think work sustainably. The restlessness in our environments also inspires to look for calm, natural and balanced alternatives. It is good to study and analyse nature because it knows how to balance and emphasise in a great way the constantly living environment. Yes, everything around one activates the imagination.”

Hanni Koroma