Anna Karhu-Cormier | Inside Burn Outside Fire

MediumFire etching
Size81 x 71 x 2,7 cm

Anna Karhu-Cormier is a multidisciplinary artist and herbalist living and working in Finland. Anna has been working with the healing plants for more than ten years. She uses scent and visual art to investigate sensorial and poetic processes between human experience and flora. Anna works with notions of transformation and natural processes of change, bringing the attention to the ephemeral nature of life. Anna is trained as a fine artist specializing in printmaking and sensory and site specific art. She holds a Masters degree from Falmouth University, England, where she lived and worked for seven years. Anna was the creative director of Frantsila organic herb farm until Spring 2021. Currently Anna is working with plants and scents from Finnish nature that have been used in plant healing traditions.

Anna Karhu-Cormier