Jonas Lutz

Finnish-born designer Jonas Lutz creates objects of bold simplicity and elegant solutions, often with a tacit playfulness. His objects instantly reveal a continuous search for the novel and undiscovered. Simplicity of form is well balanced with a gentleness that invites the touch and a modesty which speaks of a deep comprehension of materials and a desire to elevate their qualities. Jonas finds inspiration in Nordic furniture traditions as well as in the lively design culture of his adopted country of the Netherlands. Fuelled by an upbringing in a creative milieu his instinct and sensibility in the work with materials intimates that of a sculptor’s act. This act is much replicated in the way he gives himself design briefs triggering investigations of materials and concepts, often inspired by objects of use in his home. Jonas Lutz’s studio is located in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. He studied at the Carl Malmsten furniture school in Stockholm, Sweden, and has a bachelor in design from the Design Academy in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.