Anna-Stiina Korhonen

Anna-Stiina Korhonen (b. 1980) is a painter living and working in Helsinki. Korhonen deals with autobiographical themes in her works, such as the concept of taste: the story that objects and habitus tell about us. In her work, Korhonen strives to bring universal human themes to light in a colourful and humorous way. Anna-Stiina Korhonen works with the means of painting, as a medium she primarily uses oil paint, watercolour and markers. She expands the experientiality created by the works also into the space by building installations assembled from objects. Korhonen graduated as a painter from the Vapaa Taidekoulu in 2021 and is currently completing her master’s studies in painting at the Academy of Fine Arts at the University of the Arts. From her previous education, she is a graphic designer and illustrator. She has participated in exhibitions in Finland and abroad since 2012. Korhonen’s works are in several domestic and foreign private collections, and her works have been bought at art auctions of the Finnish Art Association.