Sari Bremer | Elolliset

MediumEtching, framed
Size67 x 49 cm, framed 90 x 70 cm




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Material 2




Size 2

M (Ø 30 – 70cm)



Sari Bremer is a Helsinki-based graphic artist whose work maintains the tradition of metal etching, enabling a wide and at the same time completely unique pictorial expression. Her goal is for the viewer to experience an experience when looking at her work that offers both an escape from reality and forces once to confront it. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in 2001, and her works are included in for instance the collections of the State Art Museum, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Wihuri Foundation and HUS.

"In my pictures, I draw the borderlands between the familiar and the unknown, magical realism. In the themes of my images I weave together the beauty of nature and the dangers lurking there. In my pictures, I also deal with our ancestors, who have turned into mythical figures, and appear as reflections or flashes in the corner of the eye. Deep in the forest is a spring that mirrors space, reflecting our place in the cosmos. My themes mix easily and consciously with each other, and the pictures are a continuum of my previous works.

I try to show the diversity of this technique and that good technical skill is important in the final result of the image. I make my works using the multi-colour metal graphics method, where the image is etched on 2-3 copper plates, from which it is printed on paper. The final work is created when several copper plates are printed on top of one paper. I do all my metal graphics prints myself, as this is an important part of the creation process, so there is a little variation in each print. The prints are numbered and T.PLá marked. I mark my prints with a running number and the size of the series is not limited, I also mark the date when I made the prints in question."

Sari Bremer