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  • HABITARE 2023

    Lokal’s ensemble, as part of the Yhdessä / Together exhibition, consists of some of the best pieces by very skilled makers, offering unique works and design editions from local contemporary artists and designers.

  • HDW Collectors’ Market 2023

    Lokal is participating in this year’s HDW Design Market novelty, which is the Collectors’ Market with a focus on unique items and limited editions. We welcome you to make special finds amongst some almost-forgotten gems with a quirk or two, straight from the artists’ studios.

  • Stockholm Creative Edition

    Stockholm Creative Edition is an independent design week where Stockholm forms a fund for a new type of design festival where we showcase the best in Nordic design, furniture, lighting, art, and crafts.

  • Chart Design 2019

    CHART Art Fair and CHART Design Fair in Copenhagen presents contemporary collectible art and design across the Nordic region, bringing together the best Nordic art and design galleries.

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