Exhibition #68 – Miniatyr Keramik

20.8. – 31.10.2020

Miniatyr Keramik is like a home built into the Lokal gallery space; filled with ceramic miniature sculptures and small ceramic items by
Nathalie Lautenbacher, Matias Liimatainen, Tiia Matikainen,
Naoto Niidome, Kristina Riska, Kim Simonsson 
and Caroline Slotte.

The ceramic material is one in which the maker’s commitment and persistence is present. Clay is a gentle and loose material, but when burned it becomes fragile and eternal.

Lokal’s exhibition is also part of the Helsinki Design Week 2020 program, the theme of which is commitment. Commitment to the objects and matter around us demand persistent love towards them. We do not wish to discard items and things which are of value to us. Their eternity also doesn’t bother us, but rather, gives us joy.

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