Katja Hagelstam’s thoughts on 10 Years of Lokal

For 10 years now, Lokal has been forming itself, flowing forward, and most importantly, is still existing, still giving. For the founder and curator of Lokal, Katja Hagelstam, it has been a very special journey;



“The good touch. Art can help one identify an emotion; to touch, be touching and to be touched. Do we need any new items anymore? Does it not feel like there already is far too much stuff in the world? We need the touch of another person, and art allows us to touch each other. Art in a way is able to convey a touch.


The artwork in question may be perfect, and at the same time it has a very human handprint. In handicraft, the handprint is like a touch from one person to another. Every loop has been touched by the artisan. Preserving craftsmanship is a cultural act and an honouring of valuable Finnish heritage. The objects are accompanied by stories from one generation to the next.


I’ve been lucky enough to have grown up surrounded by art since I was a child. As a mother, I have also wanted to give my children art in their daily lives. At Lokal, I can also share the experiencing of art with a larger audience.


For my work, I have been privileged to photograph artworks and beautiful environments. I have viewed hundreds of thousands of pieces through a lens. I want to share this world through Lokal, and encourage people to get closer to art. Lokal thus presents the works of talented artists in a beautifully homely environment.”


– Katja Hagelstam