Heini Hölttä | Houses and Trees: Cherries, Oslo I

MediumPigment print on Hahnemüle PhotoRag paper, silisec
SizeSmall xx cm, large 80 x 56 cm

Small: Edition of 5 + AP

Large: Edition of 10 + AP

1100,00 1460,00 


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Material 2



Size 2

M (Ø 30 – 70cm)




Large, Small

Heini Hölttä is a Finnish photography artist who has for long been based in Oslo. The longer she has lived in Oslo, the stronger her identity is from Helsinki. The landscapes of her childhood neighborhood in Punavuori have been the cornerstone of her visual world and work since the end of the 1980’s. In her structural and serial photographic works, she arranges the massive dimensions of urban space, exploring for e.g. the relationship of movement to perspectives and with serial works demonstrates the abstract structures of the cityscape.

“The pictures of trees displayed in the exhibition (Butterflies & seeds 9.6.–26.8.23) are a new theme, with new methods. Until now, the methods of my work are based on precise plans prepared in advance. Nowadays I also take photos spontaneously of various subjects with my phone and share photos on social media. The most essential difference from previous work is that the series of the exhibition consists for the first time of individual and independent photographs.”

Heini Hölttä