Reka Kiraly | Klovharun #18

MediumOil pastel, colour pencil and crayon
Size30 x 21 cm

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Material 2



Size 2

S (Ø < 30cm)



Reka Kiraly is a visual storyteller. Born in Budapest, Hungary in 1977, she currently lives and works in Helsinki, Finland. Kiraly’s works capture the delicate individualism and uniqueness of people in the form of plants. These portraits are dialogues showing the emerging repetitive elements in nature. As an artist, Kiraly is fascinated with modularity. Kiraly has had solo and group exhibitions in Finland as well as in various European countries and Japan. She holds an MA from the Hungarian University of Fine Arts as well as from the Aalto University (former University of Art and Design Helsinki). In 2020, Kiraly received a three-year artist grant from the Arts Promotion Center Finland.

"When it comes to developing unique pieces, my method of working is meditative. The works evoke the fragility of the present moment. Using ink on paper without planning in advance creates a process where you can’t hide anything. What I find beautiful in this, is that nothing gets erased, all small stains become part of the final piece."