Raisa Raekallio | Maite

MediumInk, gouache and aquarelle on hand-made paper, framed
SizeWith frame 55 x 42 cm

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Material 2




Size 2

M (Ø 30 – 70cm)



Raisa Raekallio’s (b.1978) aquarelle figures are created in a small cottage in the artist’s home in Kittilä, in the village of Sirkka. Through the intuitive listening process, the forest humming around, the whispers rising from the ground, the currents and vibrations experienced by the artist in her body find their way onto the paper. These elements settle into lacy protozoa, plants, maps, and tracks in portraits that usually take a feminine form. Raekallio’s works have been exhibited in various joint and group exhibitions, in for example Kiasma, Korundi, Aine Art Museum, Sirkka Arte biennale in Kittilä, and Peep Space gallery in New York. Raekallio also collaborates closely artistically with her partner,  Misha del Val, in the fields of painting, drawing and podcasts. Raisa and Misha’s joint works have been seen in several exhibitions in Finland and abroad. They were awarded the Finnish Artists’ Society’s visual artist award 2023.

Raisa Raekallio