Mollu Heino / Harso II


Year: 2022-2023
Medium / materials: Tempera, oil and charcoal on board
Sizes: 123 x 75 cm


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Material 2



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L (Ø > 70cm)



Mollu Heino is an award-winning Finnish visual artist whose works have been exhibited both in Finland and abroad. Heino has just finished her dissertation at Aalto University, in the Department of Art and Media. The title of her recent artistic dissertation is ‘Working as an artist as part of communal landscape protection’. In addition to working as an artist, Heino works as an art expert in various public art projects.

Heino’s recent paintings have experienced a change from descriptions of deep black to delicate, transparent curtains, pearls or bubbling paintings. Along with paintings, Heino’s production also includes light works and large sculptures. They have actively toured different light events around Finland. What her paintings and light works have in common is the philosophical questioning; who I am and what kind of world it is I live in.