LUODOLTA Himmeli | Eija Koski

MediumSea cane, cotton string
SizeHeight 60 cm, dia 30cm

A himmeli is a traditional decoration made of straw or sea cane. The geometrical structure, combined with the slight gracious movement resulting from air flow in a room gives them a hint of magic. Handmade in Finland with dedication and soul by the skilful himmelist Eija Koski. If needed to clean, dust gently.




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Size 2

M (Ø 30 – 70cm)



Material 3



Koski, who lives in a farm near Vaasa, on the west coast of Finland, uses only organic rye from her own field to make her himmelis. She selects and hand cuts her own rye straws. Even though himmelis seem quite geometrical and architectural, many designers consider the himmeli more of a sculpture than an ornament. As a full-time himmelist, she travels round the world teaching courses, she has shown her work in innumerable exhibitions and her first book, Himmeli, is in its fifth printing. Her books are published in five languages.

“The quiet motion of a himmeli speaks to me in a language of mathematical beauty. A himmeli is like the Kalevala; it holds within it secrets if only one knows how to open its door. When I make a himmeli, each straw has its place. Every corner is in place. Everything has an order. In making a himmeli, I think that so it is in my life as well. Everything has a meaning. Every event has its meaning. Nothing is a coincidence. And finally the angles are aligned. That thought is very liberating to me. It feels as though I am a component of a universal law and order. Everything has pre-agreed lines and encounters.”

Eija Koski