Laura Pehkonen | Bonbon moss

MediumCeramics, glazing
Size19 x 13 cm




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Material 2



Size 2

S (Ø < 30cm)



Laura Pehkonen is a ceramics and visual artist living in Helsinki, who graduated with a Master of Arts (TaM) from Aalto University in 2014. In recent years, she has realised large-scale public ceramic wall works, commissioned by for example Helsinki Art Museum HAM, Vaasa Hospital and the State Works of Art Commission. In addition to ceramics, Pehkonen also works with wood and mixed media paintings in her studio. Pehkonen's works are unique abstract sculptures and paintings that leave freedom of interpretation to the viewer. Pehkonen's works are includes in Helsinki Art Museum's HAM, EMMA Espoo Museum of Modern Art, the State Artworks Commission/National Gallery and private collections.

"In my works, I basically study contrasts, proportions, the balance of the work and the feeling of presence. Regardless of materials or techniques, I am willing to experiment, and curious when I work. Instead of repeating the same thing, I stimulate myself by working with various materials and techniques and exploring their dialogue in my works. Although I am inquisitive and playful when I work, I am basically interested in quite classic, timeless materials. I also have a need to leave a trace of the process in my works, that kind of incompleteness. Perfect imperfection.”

Laura Pehkonen