Kaisa Mattsson | Ukonsalmi 1

MediumHand-built ceramics
Size25 x 25 cm

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Material 2



Size 2

S (Ø < 30cm)



Kaisa Mattsson is an artist and designer whose work is rooted in the traditions of craftsmanship. Trained as a building restorer and graphic designer, Kaisa has been working with ceramics for over twenty years, finding clay shaping to be her most natural form of self-expression. In ceramics, she is drawn to the element of surprise and surrendering to the creative process.

“I am Inspired by nature and its various cycles – from the blooming of plants to their withering, from reflections of light on water surfaces to changes in landscapes throughout the seasons. My working rhythm also follows the cycle of the seasons. In spring, I plant flower seeds and observe nature awakening; in summer, I study plants through drawing; in autumn and winter, inspiration translates into my work through design. I work intuitively and allow forms to emerge freely. The atmosphere is more important to me than perfection.”

Kaisa Mattsson