Anne Hirvonen | Bloom no. 12

MediumHand blown glass with unique colours
Size14 x 11 x 10 cm

Anne Hirvonen (b.1990) is a Finnish designer and passionate researcher of materials and processes. Anne graduated as a furniture designer from the Lahti Institute of Design in 2019, after which she continued her studies at Aalto University and graduated with a master’s degree in art in 2022. During her master’s studies, Anne mainly worked with glass, which she considers a versatile and fascinating material. In Anne’s opinion, glass is the most challenging material she has worked with, but that is one of the reasons why it also attracts her.

Hirvonen is interested in various glass manufacturing processes and in her work she always strives to develop them further. Understanding the material, its limitations and possibilities, has opened up the world of glass, where there is still much to explore and discover. Although Hirvonen’s work is usually based on techniques and processes, essentially her work is guided by intuition and gentleness.