Niina Villanueva | Läheisyys kuin äkillinen laulu

TekniikkaÖljy pellavalle
Koko100 x 80 cm


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Kysy teoksesta

ToimitusNouto galleriasta. Jos haluat teokselle erillisen toimituksen, olethan yhteydessä



Material 2



Size 2

L (Ø > 70cm)



Niina Villanueva works with painting and ceramics. In 2022 Villanueva was awarded the William Thuring Prize of the Finnish Art Association. Her works are included in the Saastamoinen Foundation’s collection at the Espoo Museum of Modern Art EMMA and have been on display, for example, at the Young Artists exhibition at Kunsthalle Helsinki, at Glasshouse Helsinki and at Heinola Art Museum. She is currently pursuing Master of Fine Arts studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki, and working on an exhibition that will be held in Berlin in the autumn of 2023.

“I examine plants, growth, colour, matter, and something inexplicable from an ontological perspective. I look at the endless metamorphosis between the matters, rub pigment on the linen, and see myself reflected in it. I paint colours that form endless layers, colour fields, images of worlds I did not know existed.”

Niina Villanueva