White Wall | Sasha Huber: Drawn to Music 2.–20.4.2024

“The ongoing Drawn to Music (2021–) series became a meditation as a way to let thoughts flow freely while listening to music for the joy of it, for the power of the lyrics of it. In the works shown here for the first time Huber listened among others to the song Les Fleurs by Minnie Riperton and Vanishing by Anaiis. Drawn to Music came to me because I was inspired by music and the sense of freedom and joy that comes to me while listening to the melody and lyrics. Music that moved me to express it visually with single lines. One clear line for each song l love. A line I would not have control about and just letting it guide me to go to places I didn’t know. That is exactly what happened and beyond which is the magic of creating. You never know where it leads and once you release what you’ve created it lives a life of its own. You loose control, but in a good way.”