About Lokal

Welcome to Lokal!
Lokal is an award-winning concept store and gallery in the heart of Helsinki. Our philosophy is centred around living with art and objects that matter. We operate in the frontline of sustainability by promoting long-lived and locally produced design items.
With our philosophy at the heart, we curate themed group exhibitions in our gallery space, and provide beautiful and timeless products through our shop. We also organise small-scale events and breakfast gatherings in our tailored surroundings, with the finishing touch of handmade ceramics and high quality coffee. Feel free to ask us more: info@lokalhelsinki.com
Lokal is run by photographer Katja Hagelstam. Inspired to create a space in which to showcase work of Finnish artists, artisans, craftsmen and designers, she opened Lokal in April 2012. Lokal, as a concept and as a big family, has been growing and changing ever since, introducing a wide mix of established as well as emerging artists. Lokal was recently awarded the Finnish State Design Award (2017) and was granted the Finnish Design Deed Award (2015).
Over the years there has been a growing focus on collaborations with select makers and creators, which gave birth to the Lokal Kollektion. The collection of products is a series of beautiful and functional everyday items designed exclusively for Lokal. 
Our online shop carries a selection of products and selected prints, including some of our most popular handmade and/or unique items. All items available online are not always on display at our physical store in Helsinki, and vice versa. If you wish to purchase anything that is not included in our online selection, please don’t hesitate to contact us at info@lokalhelsinki.com.
We ship worldwide.