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Dear visitor, Welcome to Lokal!

Lokal is an award-winning concept store and gallery in the heart of Helsinki.

Lokal Turns 7

To celebrate our birthday we will add one ILO kitchen towel from Lokal Kollektion to every online order, free of charge.

The offer is valid from 6th of April to 20th of April 2019.

Exhibition #58 / Coming Home II


Coming Home II presents works by the artists who are the heart of Lokal; Antrei Hartikainen, Sasha Huber, Renata Jakowleff, Aimo Katajamäki, Ekin Kayis, Hanni Koroma, Veera Kulju, Matias Liimatainen, Outi Martikainen, Nathalie Lautenbacher and Sami Salomaa.


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