Art in Homes: The Gifts that Keep on Giving

The artwork and handcrafted design in our homes are the things that remain most valuable, most cherished, most sentimental, and that develop the best patina over the course of years and changing seasons. A piece of art might remind you of someone who gifted it to you, or it could mark an important memory or period of your life, holding within it a uniquely resonant feeling and symbolism.

Art objects contribute to making our home environments denser and richer with meaning and character, thus being cornerstones of the emotional and spiritual wellbeing we experience in our everyday living. A work of art can be a tiny porcelain figurine or an enormous woven tapestry; the size and scale is insignificant when it comes to personal relevance. An artist embeds something wonderful into each creation.

Lokal’s constantly changing and transforming selection of art, crafts and collectible design is like a library you can always revisit. You may discover that, over time, an organic family of pieces has found a new, loving home with you. Our curated collection might also supply you with the perfectly timeless gifts when it comes to showing gratitude to those around you. 

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