Saara Renvall

Saara Renvall (MA) is a multi-disciplinary artist working on sculptures and experimental design. She works with a range of material, including wood, glass, metal, clay and found objects. In addition to more traditional design projects, she explores new areas through material studies, experimental prototypes and one-offs. Her approach to work is passionate, curious and hands-on. Working from the inside out, Renvall’s projects start with a strong and relevant idea that a physical form then follows. Through her work, she wants to remind us to remember the value of time and humanity. Her current body of work takes a look at death and interaction between humans. Renvall strives for a diverse expression. For her, vision and intuition are more important than using a predetermined set of materials or techniques. Besides running her own studio in Helsinki, Renvall curates and teaches design. She spends part of the year in the countryside, farming and converting an old barn into a perfect workshop.