Living With Art / Susanna Vento

Lokal, together with interior stylist Susanna Vento, visited the Helsinki home of an antiques and arts dealer in 2017. Based on this encounter, a visual lookbook was created, mixing in artwork and design pieces from Lokal’s archives.

“Choosing an art piece is often the fulfilment of my beauty ideals, as much as it is an emotional experience. Every time, I think of how the artist behind the piece has given and manifested his or her time, creativity and personal perceptions of beauty. In selecting art for my own home, the beauty ideals of the artist, and those of mine, meet. I give the artist a part of what is most precious to me; my home. Into it, the artist emanates of themselves what is most important; the creativity. From that day onwards, we share beauty.”


Susanna Vento, 2017